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Hi everyone, I'm Lizzie...
I'm not sure anyone remembers me, but I'm the freashmen, blonde flutest who sat infront of the soprono sax guy (sry, i don't do well with names)
Anyways, I'll post pics from last summer if you guys want me to. Please reply to this message.Oh yea, other stuff: I took history or rock and roll and finale (computer)

You are Anton Dvorak's "Finale" from
"The New World Symphony." You are
based on Dvorak's experiences in his travels to
America, are sung with HRUMPHS and assosciated
with much Band Camper sexual innuendo. Sweet!

Which UMass Lowell Band Camp Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hehe! that was my fav.....also liked fantasia but hated the one deb conducted

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Pictures? I love pictures! Haha, post some! :-D
How? (I'm new to live journal) I guess I load em on to snapfish and post the link. Problem solved.