Ben (nodoubt444) wrote in 1x_at_band_camp,


Hey everyone! Welcome to the brand new Official LiveJournal community for the University Of Massachusetts Lowell's Mary Jo Leahey Summer Band Camp Program! To start things off with a bang, Joanna (the initial founder of our community) and I have put a few special treats together for you all.

Band Camp Photos!!!
Joanna's Album
Ben's Album

And as another special treat, I made an MP3 of the Honors Wind Ensemble dress rehearsal for "And The Multitude With One Voice Spoke." It was recorded from the percussion section while we were all playing. I took the liberty of editing Deb's talking out, so the MP3 is about 6 minutes. Enjoy!

Alright everyone, Joanna and I hope to see lots of fun Band Camp posts very soon. :-)
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